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As part of our work with disenfranchised groups, we set up the Bake The Difference programme. We help ex-offenders reintegrate back into the community through learning how to bake. Based in the Friends House kitchen and the Seed Kitchen restaurant, the programme lasts for six months.

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We first started to work with ex-offenders via the Douglas House Project, which has unfortunately closed. However, we will carry on working hand in hand with Turning Point on other projects. We want to continue promote a positive access to employment. Where others close their doors, we want to open ours.

In 2017, we launched our suspended soup programme, inspired by the suspended coffee scheme, where café or restaurant customers can purchase a cup of coffee in advance and someone in need can come and claim it afterwards. Customers in the Quaker Centre Bookshop and Café can pay a soup forward at the till. Those who need it can then claim a soup voucher from reception, no questions asked, and be served a soup in the café. We decided to serve soups, as we wanted to provide a nutritious meal. Unfortunately, the scheme is currently on hold, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our staff regularly volunteer in the local community through our volunteering service scheme (up to 5 paid days per year). In 2018, several of our staff volunteered at the C4WS Homeless Project’s Friday Club. Staff regularly organise food bank donation campaigns. The suspended soup scheme is an idea that originated from a staff member.

In line with our Quaker values, we want our supply chain to be fair at every stage of the way. We work with a procurement consultancy. From tendering to appointment, our suppliers have to go through a thorough procurement process. You can find out more about our procurement policy on our News & Resources page.

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