Training staff to achieve our company goals

We recognise that training and development of our staff is fundamental to achieve our goals. It also means that we can provide our customers with the right level of service.

We ensure that training and development opportunities are made available to all staff and are directed at enhancing understanding, quality and performance.

We provide all of our new starters with an induction programme that includes:

We feel these are key to understanding who we are as a company, a Quaker
enterprise, our values, our culture and our commitments.

Our Values

Through our Training Academy, we offer a wide range of training courses, both on and off job. In addition to this, we offer opportunities for secondment within our company or BYM when opportunities arise. Our Training Academy has a double objective

  • To provide core skills training to ensure staff serve customers to the best of their abilities
  • To further staff’s skills so that they can grow and confidently move on to another position within or outside our company. We are also in the process of launching a new apprenticeship scheme at Friends House, in collaboration with Camden Council. The scheme will aim to train people from the local community. They will learn a variety of skills within the Hospitality team.