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Gift-aid to Quaker work

Since the creation of the company in 2007.

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Carbon reduction

Since we started monitoring our emissions in 2009.

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Sustainable packaging

In 2019, the Quaker Centre Bookshop switched to sustainable packaging only.

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Suspended soup

We were able to distribute nutritious meals to people in need.


Gift-Aid To Quaker

Since the creation of the company in 2007, we have gift-aided £6.1 million to Britain Yearly Meeting, the charity of Quakers in Britain. Quakers act to build a more peaceful and sustainable world.


We are continuously monitoring our impact on the environment. For the last ten years, we have been working closely with Avieco (ex-Carbon Smart), a sustainability consultancy. Our carbon footprint went down by 22% in 2019.


Zero Waste
To Landfill

We have a zero waste to landfill policy in place. We work closely with First Mile to dispose of our waste in a sustainable and non-polluting way. None of our waste is sent to landfill.


Across all our operations, we have reduced the use of single-use plastic and packaging. The Quaker Centre Bookshop switched to 100% sustainable packaging in 2019, being both made from recycled materials and compostable. There is no single-use plastic at Friends House and Swarthmoor Hall. And most materials used can be recycled.


Less Meats
More Greens

We feel that now is the time for change if we want to effectively tackle climate change. One of the biggest challenges, in our eyes, is changing our diets to reduce carbon emissions. This is why we have decided to open the Seed kitchen restaurant at Friends House, in October 2019. The restaurant solely serves vegetarian and vegan dishes. We also source most of our ingredients in the home counties, within 100 miles, and focus on organic products. All the catering served at Swarthmoor Hall is exclusively vegetarian.