& Inclusion


A diverse workplace

We seek to develop a sharing and mutually supportive workplace community, which gives respect to each person and each task. We want everyone with whom we work to feel valued and supported as a result.

Our commitment to diversity
and inclusion

We are firmly committed to the diversity of our staff, volunteers, and stakeholders, and believe that we have an obligation to model the sort of changes we expect of others. We recognise the positive role we can play in developing and embedding diversity and inclusion employment best practice.

A diverse workforce has huge benefits for us as a company, not only in employment practices but also in how we are perceived in the wider community.

A diversity of talents

People from diverse backgrounds offer different talents, skills and experience. This gives us varied ways of thinking and problem-solving. We can learn from our different strengths and experiences, and be fruitful in

Reporting on our diversity

We report on the diversity of our staff and the actions we are taking to improve in our Annual Review. We also report on our mean gender gap annually.