Sustainable Development

We have various policies to ensure that the Quiet Company is sustainable all the way. We looked at every aspect of our business to come up with our sustainability strategy. We have set some clear targets, that we would like to achieve by 2030.

We have integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our sustainability strategy. Although, there are 17 SDGs in total, we have decided to commit to five. As a small entity, we prefer to commit fully to the SDGs we know we can really contribute to.

Good health and well-being

We want to promote physical health and mental health and well-being for our staff and the wider community. We have started this work by opening the Seed Kitchen restaurant, a vegetarian and vegan eatery at Friends House. We have reduced the amount of meat in the event catering in London, and in Cumbria, all our event catering is already vegetarian.

Life on land

We operate in two very different areas: London and Cumbria. The challenges in both operations are very different but the goal remains the same: we want to protect the local eco-systems. We have already welcomed beehives in both places. We also give some particular attention to our gardens but we know this is not enough. We will soon offer the possibility to customers to offset their carbon footprint by planting a tree.

Decent work and economic growth

We do not think a business should thrive at the expense of its people. We are a Living Wage employer and open our doors to people from disadvantaged groups. Everyone working with us is paid above the London Living Wage or regional Living Wage at Swarthmoor Hall, including the Bake The Difference trainees.

Climate action

We have already remarkably reduced our carbon emissions since setting up the company in 2007. We will carry on improving our facilities in London and Cumbria to ensure our carbon footprint remains as low as possible. We also know that we have to fully engage staff and our customers on the matter.

Sustainable cities and communities

The resources of the earth are not endless and we intend to play our part in building a sustainable future. We have already taken the MIA #20percentLess pledge in a bid to reduce single-use plastic at Friends House, which we successfully did. We are now exploring new ways to reduce our waste further, through composting for example.