for our planet

Carbon Reduction

Since 2009, we have been monitoring our carbon emissions. Every year, both Friends House and Swarthmoor Hall are independently audited. We are actively tackling our delivery emissions, which including removing air freight.

Green Energy

Good Energy provides Friends House and Swarthmoor Hall with green energy, free from any forms of fossil fuels or nuclear energy. We want to play our part in tackling the climate change crisis, without jeopardising the resources of future generations.

Waste Management

We do not send any waste to landfill. We work closely with our waste disposal suppliers to sustainably dispose of our waste. We also work with customers and staff to order the right amount of food for events and avoid food waste to the maximum. When food safety allows it, we provide customers with doggy bags.

Water Management

We have considerably reduced water usage at Friends House and Swarthmoor Hall by installing rain harvesting systems. We are now looking at including a water extraction assessment for all food products we purchase.


Sourcing local, sustainable and if possible organic food produce is one of our major concerns. We want to keep food miles as low as possible and bring the freshest produce to customers in London and Cumbria. We have been working with Chegworth Valley, a farm in Kent for quite some years now, ensuring fruits and vegetables are grown within 60 miles of Friends House. In Cumbria, The Barn Cafe works closely with local producers such as the Handmade Ice Cream Company, located within 10 miles of Ulverston.

Eco-System Preservation

We operate in two very different settings, the busy urban area of Euston, London, and the rural landscape of Ulverston, Cumbria. Preserving the eco-system in both locations come with different challenges. Beehives have been installed on both sites. Swarthmoor Hall gardens are maintained all year long by a very knowledgeable and dedicated gardening team, which makes sure to create an harmony between the local eco-system and the garden’s plantations.